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    taking care of your farm.

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    In Media


    We cover farms in a range of ecological zones and tackle issues surrounding livestock, poultry, crops, soil fertility and the home, using experts from each sector.

    In Radio


    dedicated to addressing the informational needs of small holder African farmers through sustainable media productions that are entertaining, educative and help improve livelihoods.

    In Your farm


    Vist by specialists agronomists, agriculturists, nutritionist, and guest celebrities to your farm including chefs to provide LIVE cooking shows from farmer produce.

  • We help take your small Agri farm business

    to the next level.

    Together we reach the goal.

    focusing on a range of issues including Animal Feed and Hygiene Products, Agrochemicals for Pests & Diseases, Reducing Post Harvest Losses in Mango and Maize, Farm transportation and equipment, Conservation Agriculture, Kitchen Gardens, Tied Ridges, Clean Cookstoves and Agricultural Insurance.

  • Agriculture

    total agriculture land in South Africa


    Land owned by commercial farmers


    Number of farming households


    Number of commercial farmers


    Formally identified farm land


    Number of Agriculture Extension Officers


    Number of smallholder farms supported by 1 extension officer


    Amount of land that can sustain crop production


    Amount of land used for extensive grazing, forestry, and nature conservation.

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